3 Simple Tips On How To Stop Beard Itch

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  • Date: March 18, 2022
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The most common  and most complained about  problem related to beard growing is the dreaded itch. There are many ways people will swear by on how to stop a beard itch. Some will work while  others won’t.

The most frustrating thing is that almost 50% of beginner beard growers give up when the beard itch  becomes a norm. This should not happen,  the other half that  are left , do some research on how to stop a beard itch.

Well, the good news is as a beginner beard grower, you don’t have to do that tiresome research again as we have you covered. We will show you 3 simple steps that will help you stop a beard itch. Then you can focus on your number one priority, how to have the most magnificent, instagram ready beard.



During the first few weeks of growing your beard you will have a lot of discomfort due to the persistent itching. This is caused by the new sharp hairs that simply irritate the skin and cause the beard growing area to itch.

Each and every day thousands of skin cells get shed by your body, this includes the face area. These skin cells are supposed to fall and be done away with, but due to the new growing hairs, some are caught and retained on your skin. This causes irritation, which is why you should clean your face with warm water at least every morning and evening, to get rid of the dead skin cells which will stop a beard itch.

TIP: Do not use just any regular shampoo to clean your growing beard, use beard shampoo as it is more specialized and will help tackle the flaking.



If you have a fully grown beard which still itches it may be from heat styling or harsh soaps. Whe you have damaged beard hair it will affect the whole hair from tip to root which will react and cause the itching.

Some remedies may pose as a way to stop a beard itch but will actually cause greater harm than good. You need to be careful with anything that is not recommended. Using products like wonder repair  gels that are focused primarily on beards is a good move.



Just like the hairs on your heard, your beard hairs need conditioner. This is to make the beard soft and supple. The conditioners that are used on your head are mostly too harsh to be used on your face so don’t try them at all if you want to stop a beard itch.

Most beard conditioners have very specific  formulas which reduce tangling or knotting of the beard hair. If you have a beginner stubble then you need to use a good beard oil  to moisturize and keep the stubble hydrated. This will ensure that newly grown hair will not scrape and irritate your skin.

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