5 Simple Steps To Grow a Thick Beard Faster

by BeardForDays

These 5 simple steps we are about to show you will help you grow a thick beard faster. It is true nature does tend to play a big role in the ability to grow your facial hair, but if you don’t have that natural advantage you can still hack your way into the beard club fast.


The best thing is to stay committed to these 5 steps and you will grow a thick beard faster than ever before.


This is a no brainer, why? Because we all know that your body reacts to the environment it is kept in. Many men lose hair because of the lifestyles they live.

So keep your body in tip top shape by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet, especially one rich in proteins.

Avoid stress and get enough sleep because the skin regenerates while you are resting, and a healthier skin equals a faster growing beard.

Use exfoliant  and a scrubber to remove the dead skin cells from your face.

Lastly, use warm water to clean your face every morning and evening as a clean face will stimulate hair growth.

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Many people often give up when the beard is just about to be good. When you are already past the hardest hurdles. Commit to the process because you have already started it and it makes more sense t go on than quit.

Have a look at this 100 days -100 photos in 1 minute  of beard of growing clip, that show how easy it is to grow a thick beard faster if you stay committed to the process.


Give it at least 4 weeks to grow and you will be happy you contained that urge to do something about that itch.



Eating a balanced diet and is very essential but coupled with minerals and vitamins it will be of great help.

Talk with your doctor about taking at least 2 mg of biotin every day.

This supplement is available at vitamin stores. It will help 2 things grow faster, your nails and it will be instrumental on the way to grow a thick beard faster.

Certain fruits and vegetables are good for your hair growth. If you miss these natural vitamins, you will suffer from slow growing hair.

Don’t overdo these vitamins and supplements as they may become a harm more than a gain on your body.

We encourage you to talk to your doctor before you get into these vitamins and supplements as they will guide you on how to take them for you to benefit.


Untouched beards tend to grow to be a thick beard faster, I know the best of us are tempted to trim the edges and try to shape it, don’t do that if you want faster results.

Many people start styling their beards too early  and end up messing the natural shape. The natural shape will do a lot in informing you on the best shape to give your beard.

The rumor that states that once you trim or cut hair it comes back thicker and darker is not true at all. Leave the facial hair until it is about 4-6 weeks and you should have something to work with.

Newly gown facial hair will be stiff but you can use beard oil to soften it.




I am sure by now you have noticed that your facial hair is not like the hair on your head. It will most likely grow and leave patches in places. The patches and how many you get will depend on your genetics. The patches may look awful especially at the beginning when your beard is starting to take off.

There are a couple of remedies for patches.

If the patches are too many and no remedies work effectively you can easily have a goatee or a goatee instead of a full beard. Continue to build up on the proteins and vitamins then try to start off your beard in a few months.






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