Covid-19 & my beard?

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  • Date: November 26, 2020
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Covid-19 & my beard?

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed a lot. Lockdowns have been implemented in most countries restricting people to their homes.

For over one year people have adjusted their lives according to this new situation. Most of us avoid going outside to the barber because of the pandemic.

In this situation, the question arises whether I should shave my beard or not?

Adjusting life according to COVID 19 is the new normal, the same is the case with personal grooming.

Most of the barbershops are close and you have to stay in, therefore it is important to manage your beard by yourself during this pandemic.

The question of shaving off the beard has taken place in the beard community after the emergence of COVID-19 and masks are made mandatory to be worn. With a thick beard, it becomes difficult to wear an N95 mask properly because it does not fit well on the face.

Let’s first have a look at whether it is necessary to wear an N95 mask for protection from COVID 19 or other options are also as effective.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a healthy person doesn’t need to wear the N95 mask. You may wear it, in case you are in direct contact with the infected person or you are suffering from fever, cough, or flu.

The purpose of the N95 mask is to protect you from exhaling the virus while the new guidelines by CDC suggest that if you maintain social distance and wear a cloth mask instead of N95 or surgical mask then you can protect others from catching the virus in case you are infected. CDC does not encourage to wear the cloth mask but also doesn’t discourage. Hence if everyone follows social distancing and other guidelines then N95 masks can be avoided.

So according to the CDC guidelines you do not need to shave off your beard unless you are not required to wear the N95 mask. According to some studies, a bearded man has a lower risk of catching the virus than shaved men. The reason and logic of this argument is that hair of beard and mustache act as a barrier and prevent the virus to enter your mouth and nose. Beard and mustache act as a filter that protects you by preventing the respiratory droplets from entering your mouth and nose.

Bottom Line

Beard is an important part of your face as it determines your personality. With the spread of COVID-19, many bearded men got confused about whether they should keep their beard or shave it off because of a certain type of mask not fitting on their face along with the beard. But after reading this article it would be very clear to all that you can keep your beard if you are a healthy person.

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