How to Apply Beard Oil Perfectly :Guide

by BeardForDays
apply beard oil



Beard oil can be compared to moisturizer and serves to protect your beard.So it is important to apply it regularly and do it as perfect as possible.So here’s a tutorial on how to do it …

Tips before you begin.

  1. The best time to apply the oil is just after a hot shower when your hairs are softest and cleanest, this will ensure maximum absorption.
  2. . Dry your beard as best as you can because water will lower the absorption rate.


Put 3 or 4 drops of beard oil in your palms. (this is actually enough to do the job, but you can apply more if needed.)

Spread the oil evenly on your palms and fingers.

Once the beard oil is evenly distributed, brush your palms gently across the sides of your beard.

Then brush your palms across the front of your beard.

The next step is to bring your palms across the front of your beard.

Time to do your mustache, run your  fingertips across your mustache.

After application, use  your beard comb to distribute the oil and return your hairs back in place.

And that’s it , Now repeat this process each and everyday and you should have a beard which is soft, conditioned and looks amazing.


Additional tips

1.The amount and frequency of beard application depends on a number of factors like the season and climate.The best thing is to start an-every-other day application and adjust.

2. Beard oils are not alike, try and find one that will appeal to you and suits your needs.


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