How To Dye A Beard

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  • Date: December 13, 2020
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How To Dye A Beard

Dying hair, eyebrows, or even arm hair seems very common, but what about dying beards? A grey beard can be just as alarming as grey hair on a head. Thankfully, there is a solution for this, which is box beard dye. You might be wondering how to use this and how to actually dye a beard, so keep reading to find out.

Choosing The Right Shade

Before even applying the dye, it is very important to choose the right shade for your beard. Professionals recommend always to go for two to three shades lighter to avoid your beard coming out too dark.

Cleanse Thoroughly

Once you have picked your shade and you are ready to start applying, you need to first wash your beard. The best is to invest in a beard shampoo so you can be sure to remove all dead skin cells from underneath and at the same time have a deep clean.

Rinse off the shampoo well, make sure that there is no product left anywhere. Afterward, pat the area dry with a towel and cover your sideburns and neck too in order to avoid anything still being wet.

Time To Trim

But wait, there’s more. Before you go in with the beard dye, trim your beard to the desired length and if necessary shave it in order to make clear cut edges and get the desires shape.

Dye It

Protect your hands with some gloves and it’s time to get started. Following the instructions that come with the dye, make sure to coat your beard evenly using up and down strokes. Keep an eye on the change of color in the first 10-20 minutes and see whether you need to apply a second coat.

Afterward, rinse off with lukewarm water and you are ready to go!

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