30+ Natural Foods That Will Help You Grow Your Beard

  • By: BeardForDays
  • Date: May 11, 2017
  • Time to read: 1 min.

 Natural Foods That Will Help You Grow Your Beard

We all know natural foods are the best when it comes to growing.We put our kids on these natural foods as much as we can because we know the benefits. Now if you are going to grow that fabulous man beard, then you need to eat healthy and take your vitamins. This regiment will help your facial hair grow faster, thicker and it will have that  shine that we all crave.

So below are the all  foods that will help you grow that beard thicker and fuller. They are grouped appropriately so that they are easily identifiable.


Poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks..) Almonds Apples Cabbage
Eggs Walnuts Oranges Lettuce
Fish Peanuts Blueberries Collards
Red Meat Cashews Strawberries Spinach
Beans Hazelnuts Grapes Broccoli
Yogurt, Milk, Cheese Pistachios Papayas Kale
Sunflower Seeds Lemons Brussels Sprouts
Flaxseed Limes

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