Top 5 Best Shaving Soaps of 2017

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  • Date: May 13, 2017
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 List of the  Top 5 Best Shaving Soaps of 2017

The use of shaving soaps is making a great comeback despite the fact that some people still believe that it is something that you can get from only a professional barber’s shave. Shaving soap is not popular to Gen X or Baby Boomers who grew during the age of high-tech shaving but it has greatly won the hearts of their sons. This is because most of their sons, the Millennials, have evaded nonsensical shave gels and electric razors to relish a wet shave experience by opting for shaving soaps and straight razors.  Here are the current top 5 best shaving soaps of 2017.

  1. Colonel Conk, Bay Rum

Bay Rum is one of the  best shaving soaps out there  as it offers a special soap scent that is sweet to smell and will be appreciated by the user. The soap is made of special ingredients that are extremely good for both skin and hair such as the avocado oil, Vitamin E, stearic acid and glycerin. The avocado oil ensures that your skin is smooth as it has moisturizing properties, while Vitamin E is both a moisturizer and an antioxidant. Therefore, Bay Rum protects your skin from pollutants and free radicals.



  1. The Blades Grim

This is a softer shaving soap that has a smolder scent and a thicker protective lather. The smolder scent is one of the top attributes that makes this soap appealing to many. The soap contains coconut oil and stearic acid, which is a fatty acid that provides moisture and enhances the lathering process of this soap.


  1. Proraso

Proraso has been in the top of the market for the last three generations, making it the favorite shaving soap for Italian barbers. This soap is made from coconut oil, eucalyptus, menthol and lactic acid. Coconut oil is a safe moisturizer while eucalyptus has several health benefits, as it is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, as well as an antiseptic.


  1. Henry Cavendish

This is among the current top 5 best shaving soaps of 2017 as you can melt it in the mug and use it with a brush just like most men prefer.Pretty cool right?  Henry Cavendish contains Soy, Shea butter and a special Himalaya-inspired fragrance. Soy makes your skin smooth as well as reducing dark spots, while Shea butter serves as a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory.


  1. Sir Hare

Sir Hare is well known as the ideal shaving soap for beginners who are new to wet shaving. This is because it offers a nice shaving bowl container, which is of high quality. Besides, the soap is good for sensitive skin as it is made of tallow and can last for 100 shaves. Sir Hare has a great scent and is made in small batches for quality control.


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The wrap up

Buying any of the top 5 best shaving soaps is beneficial as they produce high-quality lather. This is because classic ingredients are combined to ensure that these shaving soaps produce a thick protective lather for a memorable wet shave.Go ahead and try one of them in this list, its not a mistake they made it onto this list of Best Shaving Soaps of 2017.


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