Types of Facial Hair Women Find Most Attractive on Men

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  • Date: May 12, 2017
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Types of Facial Hair Women Find Most Attractive on Men

There are no two ways about your facial hair, it is either your facial is attractive or horrible.

Therefore, it is either your facial hair caters for what most girls admire or what they do not. According to a new research, a well-maintained facial hair can attract long-term relationships or flings depending how you design it.

The research involved 8,520 women giving their ratings on the physical attractiveness of men who were manipulated by computer graphics to give them varying degrees of facial hair.

Moreover, the study also researched on traditional male features such as prominent jaw line as well as brow. The team also discovered that a beard could depict one’s age, dominance and social status. In conclusion, they discovered that beardedness had a very great influence on the perceived masculinity and a man’s sexual appeal.

This team of women viewed men who were clean-shaven as less attractive despite the fact that some were masculinized. On the other hand, those who had faces that were not manipulated were viewed as more attractive.

This was unanimous regardless of whether women were looking for potential husbands or one – night stands. Stubble was accorded the highest ratings for short-term relationships and flings than full beards. Moreover, stubble was considered the most attractive overall.

Women who were searching for long-term relationships were attracted to men with full beards. According to the researchers, beards make men appear formidable giving an impression to women that these men can offer direct benefits such as survival and fertility.

Therefore, beards can be very meaningful as they can give a certain impression about your character or ability, especially to women.


Male ornamentation has faced great evolution due to sexual selection through female choice. Many researchers claim that your beard can be compared to the deer’s antlers or peacock’s plume. The information above can help you to acquire the type of facial hair that most women find most attractive on men.If you like share with your female friends and see  which  types of facial hair women find most attractive on men.

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